b.1976, Lakewood, WA

2002 M.F.A. University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia 
1999 B.F.A. University of Washington, Seattle

2012 | A Thing in Itself, Vox Populi, Philadelphia, PA
2012 | Physical Speculations on a Future State, Prole Drift, Seattle, WA
2012 | Violet Strays (online exhibition June 15-21)
2012 | Decoys, Backspace, Peoria, IL
2010 | The Problem of Universals, SOIL Gallery, Seattle, WA
2010 | In the Garden, Telephone Room Gallery, Tacoma, WA
2009 | Nowhere, Anywhere, Everywhere, OHGE Ltd., Seattle, WA
2009 | Objects of the Mind, Mineral, Tacoma, WA
2008 | Ceramics, SOIL Gallery, Seattle, WA
2007 | Nicholas Nyland, Mineral, Tacoma,WA
2005 | Surge, Tacoma Contemporary Urban Art Installations in the Woolworth Windows, Tacoma, WA
2005 | Nicholas Nyland, Basil Hallward Gallery/Powell’s, Portland, OR

2012 | Four Approaches, Pulliam Gallery, Portland OR
2012 | Pots and Other Things, Cupcake Royale, Seattle, WA
2012 | Under Construction, SOIL Gallery, Seattle, WA
2012 | Paperworks, Southern Michigan College Art Gallery, MI
2011 | Three Abstractionists, Jack Davidson, Nicholas Nyland and James Boulton, Pulliam Gallery, Portland, OR
2011 | On Site: Summer Projects, Seattle Art Museum - Olympic Sculpture Park, Seattle, WA
2011 | An Empty Vase, Prole Drift Gallery, Seattle, WA
2011 | Scattershot, Eastern Washington University Gallery of Art, Cheney, WA
2010 | BAM Biennial 2010: Clay Throwdown!, Bellevue Arts Museum, Bellevue, WA
2010 | The Greater Tacoma Community Foundation Art Award, 2008-2010, Kittredge Gallery, University of Puget Sound, Tacoma, WA
2010 | Summer, Gallery at Aspira, Seattle, WA
2010 | From the Inside Out, with Heather Brammeier, Heuser Art Center, Peoria, IL
2010 | Champagne Truffles, Henry Art Gallery, Seattle, WA 
2010 | Parallel Universe, Grey Gallery, Seattle, WA
2010 | SOIL in Residence, Seattle Design Center, Seattle, WA
2010 | Search for Landscapes, SOIL Gallery, Seattle, WA
2010 | Clay? III, Kirkland Art Center, Kirkland, WA 
2009 | Atlas of Gifted Ideas, Henry Art Gallery, Seattle, WA
2009 | Introductions, Pulliam Gallery, Portland, OR
2009 | Hello, The Telephone Room, Tacoma, WA
2008 | Unusual Animals, The Helm Gallery, Tacoma, WA
2008 | Painting Pink Pajamas, Contemporary Art Center, Peoria, IL
2008 | SOIL@SOIL, SOIL Gallery, Seattle, WA
2008 | 35th Anniversary Exhibition, SAM Gallery, Seattle
2008 | The Prom; A Semi-Formal Survey of Semi-Formal Painting, Lawrimore Project, Seattle, WA
2008 | This is a Time Machine, with Ellen Ito, the Helm Gallery, Tacoma, WA
2007 | 8th Northwest Biennial, Tacoma Art Museum, Tacoma, WA
2007 | We Are Nature, Lakewold Gardens, Lakewood, WA
2007 | 9 to 5, Gallery Madera, Tacoma, WA
2006 | Exploded View, SOIL Gallery, Seattle
2006 | Drawings, Dessins, Zeichnungen, Basil Halward Gallery, Portland, OR
2006 | Mirage, SOIL Gallery, Seattle, WA
2005 | SOIL 1995-2005: A Retrospective, SOIL Gallery, Seattle
2005 | BaseCamp, juried by Laura Matzer, Enumclaw, WA
2004 | Induction, SOIL Gallery, Seattle
2004 | Masquerade, SOIL Gallery, Seattle 
2004 | PrintZero print exchange, Blue Door Gallery, Seattle
2003 | Living Room: Issues of Taste and the Politics of Decoration, Storefront 1838, New York, NY
2003 | Testimony to Matrimony/ Battle of the Bands, Neighborhood House, Philadelphia, PA
2002 | Independence, Neighborhood House, Philadelphia
2002 | 2002 M.F.A Thesis Exhibition, the Power Plant, Philadelphia

Pulliam Gallery, Portland, OR
Member, SOIL Artist Collective, Seattle, WA [www.soilart.org/members]

Artist Trust GAP Grant, 2010
Artist Trust Fellowship, 2008
Finalist, Betty Bowen Award, Seattle, 2008
Kamiyama Artist-in-Residence Program, Japan, 2005
Puget Sound Energy Purchase Award – City of Enumclaw, 2005
Dean’s Award grant, University of Pennsylvania, 1999-02
Royal College of Art Exchange Program, London, 2001
University of Washington Studio Art Program in Rome, Italy, 1997

Cancer Care Alliance, Seattle, WA; City of Enumclaw, WA; City of Seattle, WA; Town of Kamiyama, Japan

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Contact: nicholasnyland(at)gmail.com


When asked to describe my work, I usually answer, “Abstract.” Unfortunately, I’ve found that answer is a great way to stop a conversation dead in its tracks. Something about abstraction seems to shut people down on a verbal level, which also explains why it is so hard to pin it down in writing (this statement not excepted). 

Abstraction’s “dumbness” is probably why I’m drawn to pursue it; it is generous and capacious, able to absorb and then release a multitude of references. In my case, references as disparate as Chinese scholar’s stones, Japanese gardens, early American decorative traditions, or seventies design. 

I intend to conjure a world or a space for imagination and reverie in my work that may manifest itself in miniature form or room sized wall drawing/painting installations. My work is driven by a fascination with the life of form, the nature of creation and the will to decorate. I feel reassured to borrow freely from our gloriously diverse visual culture because, as George Steiner reminds us, “there are no more beginnings”; we are playing with all the cards. The true creation, the art, lies in the transcendence of those parts into an animate whole.

-Nicholas Nyland